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Spider lifts, also known as tracked aerial lifts or compact crawler lifts, have emerged as innovative aerial work platforms that offer unparalleled versatility and accessibility for various industries.


These specialized machines are designed to navigate challenging terrains and confined spaces, providing an efficient solution for reaching elevated work areas. Among the exceptional spider lifts available for sale, the Manitex AL68 Track Mounted Aerial Lift stands out as a powerful and flexible tool. Contact our expert team to learn more about spider lifts for sale.


Spider Lifts for Sale


Does Your Business Need a Spider Lift?

If your industry requires any type of aerial ability, consider a spider lift for sale. Spider lifts are a category of aerial work platforms designed to operate efficiently in locations where traditional boom lifts or scissor lifts may face limitations. Their name derives from the way they resemble a spider, with multiple extending legs or tracks providing exceptional stability and weight distribution. This unique design allows spider lifts to access areas with uneven or difficult terrain, making them ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor tasks.


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The Manitex AL68 Track Mounted Aerial Lift


When considering a spider lift for sale, it’s important to choose the best option for your specific industry needs.


The Manitex AL68 is a standout model in the realm of spider lifts, combining power, versatility, and exceptional performance. As a track-mounted aerial lift, the AL68 offers superior stability and mobility on rugged terrains and delicate surfaces alike. With a working height of up to 68 feet and a maximum lifting capacity of 550 lbs, this spider lift is well-equipped to handle various tasks at considerable heights.


Key Features of the Manitex AL68

Hybrid Power Source: The Manitex AL68 features a hybrid power system that includes a reliable and fuel-efficient diesel engine combined with an electric motor. This configuration ensures efficient and eco-friendly operation, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Outreach and Articulation: The AL68's articulating boom offers a horizontal outreach of up to 31 feet, providing access to challenging locations with precision. The boom's multiple articulation points allow operators to reach over obstacles and barriers while maintaining stability.


Safe and User-Friendly: Safety is paramount in any aerial work platform for sale, and the Manitex AL68 doesn't disappoint. It is equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, non-marking tracks, and load-sensing systems for enhanced operator security. The lift’s 60’ working height coupled with its 35’ horizontal height is controlled by a load-monitoring computer that controls the outreach and stability. If the machine senses an unstable condition, an alarm will sound.

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Additional Details of the Manitex AL68

Selecting a spider lift for sale for your needs requires careful thought and consideration. The Manitex AL68 Track Mounted Aerial Lift features a 2-year warranty on components and a 5-year structural warranty. Additional details of this spider lift for sale include:


Power Options

  • AL68 GE: Gas(Honda 12HP) / Electric (110V – 12A)
  • AL68 DE: Diesel (Hatz 10HP) / Electric (110V – 12A)
  • AL68 E: 7.4 kW LiPo Battery with 4 kW Electric Motor



  • Pantograph Movement with a wide range of work areas. 68 feet working height,


Operator Basket

  • 55″ Long, 28″ Wide, Aluminium Basket.
  • Safety belt: Fasteners inside the basket for safety harness tie-off points.


Basket Levelling

  • Automatic and manual control to level the basket.


  • System Features: Hydraulic controls that can run several functions simultaneously.
  • Outriggers 4 Self-leveling outriggers with high penetration. Tracks will be 25″ off the ground.


Basket Controls

  • Proportional hydraulic controls are located in the basket, protected by fixed guards.
  • Hand pump for emergency lowering. Located in the column.


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Spider Lift Uses in Business and Industry


Aerial work platforms are an important aspect in many industries. Our expert team looks forward to providing you with details about spider lifts for sale nationwide.


Spider lifts provide benefits in many arenas, including:


Construction and Maintenance: Spider lifts are ideal for construction projects that involve working in congested urban areas or inside buildings with limited access. They are also used for maintenance tasks, such as repairing roofs, painting, or cleaning.


Tree Care and Landscaping: The ability to navigate difficult terrains makes spider lifts perfect for arborists and landscapers, providing access to trees and foliage in parks, gardens, and urban landscapes.


Film Production and Events: Spider lifts are frequently used in film and event industries to set up lighting, cameras, and sound equipment. Their compact design allows them to operate in tight spaces without disturbing the surroundings.


Emergency Services: In emergency situations, spider lifts offer a quick and efficient solution for rescue and disaster relief efforts, allowing access to elevated areas safely.


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