Preventative Crane Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenances are maintenance that is performed on a piece of equipment regularly to lessen the likelihood of the equipment failing. Maintenance is typically performed while the equipment is operating to ensure it does not break down unexpectedly. Planning preventative maintenance is great, too many preventative maintenances can be expensive and lead to post-maintenance failures. While unplanned maintenance can cost three to nine times more than regular planned maintenance including the higher cost of parts, expensive shipping, lost products, and increase downtime. Preventive maintenance offers companies an exceptionally amount of benefits including: 

  • The longevity of company equipment 
  • Little to no downtime 
  • Reliability of equipment 
  • Safety for personnel and employees 
  • Fewer expense repairs 

Crane & Machinery Inc provides a custom, detailed PVM program that is tailored to your specific OEM requirements, equipment types, duty cycles, and other pertinent factors. From maintenance schedules to advanced equipment monitors, we provide everything needed for a thorough maintenance program. As the leading provider for crane repairs, inspections, and equipment providers, Crane & Machinery Inc stays up to date on the latest software and procedures to conduct a thorough analysis of your equipment. Our preventative maintenance software prioritizes maintenance tasks and provides our technicians with the information they need to perform efficient replacement or repair work.  

The key benefit to Crane & Machinery Inc software is that it stores your data making it accessible on your computer, smartphone, or tables making it easier to track inspections, replacements, and repairs. With all your data conveniently available to you, you’re able to manage all purchases, world orders, and maintenance schedules.  

Crane & Machinery Inc’s preventative maintenance programs conform to OSHA 1910.179 requirements. We provide quality professional in-house and on-site maintenance no matter where you’re located. We have facilities across the Midwest. Our experienced technicians are highly trained and have extensive training to perform on-site service at your convenience.   

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We take pride in repairing our customers’ equipment right the first time and by recommending the proper maintenance schedule to reduce downtime and more costly repairs in the future. The dedicated team at Crane & Machinery looks forward to introducing you to world-class service wherever and whenever you need us.  

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