Manitex Valla 25E


  • Maximum Capacity: 5,500 lb
  • Crane Total Weight with Traction Battery: 5,300 lb
  • Weight on Front Wheel Axle (unloaded crane): 1,780 lb
  • Weight on Rear Wheel(s) Axle (unloaded crane): 3,520 lb
  • Height Of Completely Lifted Straight Boom: 197.6 inch
  • Height Of Completely Lifted Retracted Boom: 123 inch
  • Height Of Hook From Ground With Horizontal Boom: 44.8 inch
  • Maximum Extension Of Boom (Measured From Hinging Pin): 168 inch
  • Minimum Extension Of Boom (Measured From Hinging Pin): 251.9 inch
  • Maximum Grade Of Completely Lifted Boom: 55°
  • Maximum Speed: 1.87 mph
Crane Frame

Three-wheel pick&carry design, constructed from high quality steel with a built-in counterweight. Maintaining a compact footprint, without the need for outriggers. Pick&carry design means ability to move with a load.

Crane Boom

Three section boom; with 2 telescoping sections. Sequential telescoping action using internal dual hydraulic cylinders, fitted with nylon wear pads and adjustable wear pads on the sides of the boom.


Dual-speed hydraulic winch equipped with 223ft. of high-grade wire rope. 12,000 lbs minimum breaking point.

Boom Control

Hydraulic boom action using a 5KW 48V powerful pump motor, controlled by electronic proportional joystick distributors. Hand-held remote control with high speed winch functionality.

Load Monitor

Electronic Load Moment Indicator. New condensation resistant design. LCD display showing lifted load, max allowed load, tilting percentage, operating radius, angle, boom telescope length, and more.


48V 200AH battery power, in two lead-acid 24V batteries. Battery power meter on dashboard also displays alarms and working hours. Capable of working 8-10 hours without needing a recharge.


On board smart battery charger plugs into standard 110V outlets, and automatically stops when full charge is reached. Balances the battery cells and maintains battery health. Full charge requires an 8 hour charge cycle.

Drive Motor

Crane drive powered by an AC, 3KW 48V reversible electric motor, controlled by an inverter.


Power assist steering tiller, with 180 rotation powered by AC electric steering assist motor, controlled by an inverter. Complete with proportional joystick controls and an anti-crushing safety device when reversing.


Electromagnetic disc brake engages automatically, and is integrated into drive motor.


3 wheel design, non marking wheels.


Manitex Valla 25E features

Fully proportional, wired remote for the crane functions

Manitex Valla 25E features

180 degree power assisted steering for maximum maneuverability



Manitex Valla 25E features

3 Section Hydraulic telescopic boom

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