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Aerial Work Platforms
Manitex AL68 Track Mounted Aerial Lift

Capacity: 550 lbs

Max Working Height: 68'

Warranty on Components: 2 Year Warranty on Components

Structural Warranty: 5 Year Structural Warranty

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Bucket Trucks
Manitex A62

Capacity: 550 lbs

Max Working Height: 62'

Type of Articulation: Telescopic

Number of Booms: 3

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Manitex Valla
Manitex Valla 19

Capacity: 1990 lbs

Max Working Height: 15'

Model: Manitex Valla 19

Lifting Capacity: 1,990 lb

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Manitex Valla 25EL

Capacity: 4950 lbs

Lifting Capacity: 2.25 t / 4,950 lb

Overall Width: 37″ in

Gross Weight: 4,400 lbs

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Manitex Valla 25E

Capacity: 5500 lbs

Model: 25E

Lifting Capacity: 5,500 lb

Total Weight: 5,300 lb

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Valla V 90R Series

Capacity: 7.5 tons

Max Working Height: 32'

Model: V 90R

Lifting Capacity: 15,400 lbs on wheels with winch, 18,000 lbs with crossbar with pick & carry hook

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Valla V250E

Capacity: 27.5 tons

Max Working Height: 45'

Lifting Capacity: 55,110 lbs

Total Weight: 53,350 lbs

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Manitex Valla 400E

Capacity: 44 tons

Max Working Height: 33'

Lifting Capacity: 88,000 lb

Total Weight: 69,630 lb

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Valla V120E

Capacity: 26450 lbs

Max Capacity:: 26,450 lbs

Max Boom Extension:: 25’’ 7”

Max Boom Angle:: 50°

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Valla Manipulator

Flat glass:: 1,320 lbs (8 suction pads w/ Ø 12” pads)

Convex curved glasses:: 990 lbs (12 suction pads with Ø 11” pads)

Concave curved glasses:: 1,320 lbs (12 suction pads with Ø 11” pads)

Rotate:: Continous 360°

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Valla 50E

Capacity: 11020 lbs

Max Capacity:: 11,020 lbs

Max Boom Extension:: 16’ 0”

Max Boom Angle:: 55°

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Valla V40R

Capacity: 7920 lbs

Max Working Height: 25'

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Valla 90E

Capacity: 19840 lbs

Max Capacity:: 19,840 lbs

Max Boom Extension:: 17’ 7”

Max Boom Angle:: 50°

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Valla 160SE

Capacity: 36000 lbs

Max Capacity:: 36,0000 lbs

Max Boom Extension:: 36 ft

Max Boom Angle:: 70°

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Valla 180E

Capacity: 39680 lbs

Max Capacity:: 39,680 lbs

Max Boom Extension:: 23’ 5”

Max Boom Angle:: 53°

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