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Bucket truck for sale in IndianaAre you in search of a bucket truck for sale in Indiana? Then look to Crane and Machinery as your trusted Manitex distributor.


We are a North American factory representative and distributor for all Manitex AWPs, including Manitex A62. You can rely on Crane and Machinery to provide you with high-quality bucket trucks for your business needs. Bucket trucks serve as the backbone of a wide range of industries, and we know you need equipment you can have confidence in. Click here to learn more about the Manitex A62 Bucket Truck and see all of our bucket trucks for sale today.


Bucket Trucks for Sale


Bucket Truck Benefits for Various Industries


Bucket trucks provide versatility and dependability that are needed in many industries. The Manitex A62 bucket truck combines a sturdy truck chassis with an extendable boom arm. This allows workers to be able to reach heights that they would otherwise not be able to. Whether your industry is tree care, construction, utility maintenance, or telecommunication tasks, bucket trucks have become indispensable equipment for efficient and safe operations. For over 30 years, Crane and Machinery has been the innovative leader in bucket trucks for sale in Indiana and nationwide.


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Bucket truck in IndianaCrane and Machinery knows that there are many options when searching for bucket trucks for sale in Indiana.


The Manitex A62 Bucket Truck provides the durable adaptability that businesses rely on. Manitex offers one of the top bucket trucks mounted on a non-CDL chassis in the industry. This bucket truck features a working height of 62’ and a horizontal outreach of 38’.


The Manitex A62 Bucket Truck is outfitted with 4 outriggers and can be set up in a single parking space. The Manitex A62 also has a standard 2-man aluminum basket with a capacity of 550 lbs. In addition, this bucket truck is equipped with a +/-355° rotation on the turret and a +/-90° rotation on the basket. The versatility of the A62 makes it an ideal solution for many work sites that have less room to maneuver.


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Bucket Truck Specifications


When choosing a bucket truck for sale in Indiana, it’s important to consider the different specifications and features of each. The Manitex A62 Bucket Truck provides a variety of features that are valuable for all industries. The Manitex A62 Bucket Truck can be mounted on a chassis of your choice (including Ford, Chevy, and Dodge) and is available with either a steel service body or a flatbed. If you’re ready to choose a bucket truck for sale in Indiana, contact our team.


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The features of the Manitex A62 Bucket Truck make it the ideal choice for many industries that require workers to operate from a larger height. Their adaptability makes them a valuable asset for any business requiring aerial access.

Features of the Manitex A62 Bucket Truck


Base Frame Features:

  • Steelsubframe bolted to the truck's chassis. Equipped with 4 stabilizers with direct deployment.

  • The front part of the frame is fitted with the attachment plate.

  • Service body and the flatbed also feature an anti-slip floor as standard.

Boom Features:

  • The boom is telescopic with hydraulic extension. 

  • The boom has an operating range of -15° a +75 ° to the horizontal.

  • Self-lubricating slide pads for minimal maintenance. 

  • The boom design makes the machine extremely rigid while saving on weight.

  • All internal hose routing protects the hydraulic hoses and electrical cables from damage.

Rotational Turret Features:

  • The turret is powered by a hydraulic swing motor, includes a manual control station at the base-of-turret, and has ±355° degrees of rotation to either side.

Basket Leveling Features:

  • The A62 is ensured by a closed-loop hydraulic master/slave system with manual resynch.

Operator Basket Features: 

  • Equipped with a 2-man aluminum basket with 550 lbs of capacity and measures 67 x 28 x 43 inches. A standard safety pedal is installed to activate the aerial controls from the basket. The basket is also equipped with 2 anchor points for safety harnesses. ±90° of rotation is standard to increase efficiency.

Control Features: 

  • Equipment features a compensated proportional hydraulic control system that can control several movements at the same time. Stabilization with distributor featuring 4 independent levers to control the 4 stabilizers independently. 

  • Upper structure controls available from either the ground controls station or the basket.


Bucket Trucks Uses

The professionals at Crane and Machinery are ready to help you in your selection of bucket trucks for sale in Indiana. Bucket trucks can be used by a wide range of businesses, including: 

  • Advertising and Signage

  • Electric Utility & Telecom

  • Lighting Maintenance

  • Construction

  • Landscaping

  • Tree Care

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