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Crane & Machinery's Boom TrucksSearching for a new crane or boom truck? Look no further than Crane & Machinery. We have the best deals and the most reliable trucks and cranes on the market. For over 30 years Crane & Machinery has remained an innovative leader in the United States in regard to the sales and support of cranes and other heavy equipment. We not only know what you need but we have what you need.


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What are Boom Trucks?

Boom trucks are hydraulic cranes used to transport heavy materials or materials that are inconveniently shaped. Getting its name from its telescopic boom, a mechanism that extends the boom like a telescope, boom trucks can come in handy. We have lots of boom truck options for you to choose from.



How to Know What Type of Boom Truck You Need:

There are many aspects to consider when purchasing machinery. For boom trucks, there are two main things to consider when deciding.

  1. Lift Capacity: The first aspect you need to ask yourself is what are you going to use the boom truck to lift. This seems like an obvious question but the answer is going to lead to other important questions such as:
  • What is the distance you are lifting it to and from?
  • Does the height of the boom truck matter?
  • How heavy is the material you are lifting?
  • What does the weight limit need to be?
  • Is there limited height in your boom truck workspace? Or is it just an open space?

             2. Height Capacity: The second aspect to consider is the height capacity of the Boom Truck. You will need to know the answer to

                  questions such as:

  • How high is the task you are trying to reach? With that, how high will the boom truck need to reach?
  • Do you need an extension for the boom truck to reach your task?
  • Are there a variety of heights you will need the boom truck to reach? 

All of these questions we can help you answer at Crane & Machinery. With the help of our expert team, you will be able to buy the exact boom truck that you need.


These are some of the Boom Trucks we offer for sale in the United States:


Manitex has a wide range of boom trucks available with capacities ranging from 17 to 85 tons! Do you need a stand-up? Take a look at our C series boom trucks. Need a swing cab? Take a look at our S series boom trucks. Need to lift something heavy? We got that covered too! take a look at our SHL (Super Heavy Lift) or TC (Truck Crane) boom trucks.



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